I love to record. My first solo release was a peculiar version of Willie Dixon's I've Got My Mojo Working, recorded in 1984 on a cassette 4-track, and released on a cassette-only label- HARVESTWORKS #12 MUSIC FOR THE DANCE. Curiously enough, it still gets played on National Public Radio in New York.

Aside from my own, I've worked on scores of projects, with many musicians with and without label support (see discography). I am available to do session work, whether it's a basic track or entails adding a touch of color or something unexpected, even an entire arrangement. If you are working on a piece of music that needs a strong feel and groove without having to use a standard drum set, and your library of samples sounds too much like a library of samples, then I may have something to offer you.

My equipment consists of a Mac laptop, AKG 414 and assorted other mics, and a Millennia tube pre-amp/eq. For recording software, I use Reaper. I have a dead space and a live space to record in, and a top-notch recording technician available to assist with projects beyond my technical skills.

I also post tracks to Soundcloud from time to time as a means of testing them- thinking out loud, so to speak. Many are available for free MP3 download, and are ripe for being sliced, diddled, mixed and filtered into whatever use a composer, dj, or fishing video editor may fancy.