Performing is my mainstay, and I love doing it. I've performed in concert halls, coffee plantations; pit orchestras from Pittsburgh to Ahmednagar; gigged in clubs, roadhouses, churches and temples; laid it down for celebrants of Nowruz, Mardi Gras and Losar, and always brought some kind of life to the proceedings. I draw immense energy from whomever I play for, and I'm happy to give it back.

I am available to collaborate with ensembles ranging in size from duo to orchestra, dance companies and theatre projects, in addition to giving solo performances and lecture-demonstrations.

Some testimonials: high praise from Papers of Record and a fanzine rave.

"...Ms. Ono's most intense interplay was with the percussionist Hearn Gadbois during the lengthy ''Meditation.'' Weaving together intricate rhythms on a large, flat frame drum, Mr. Gadbois locked eyes with Ms. Ono as she pulled sounds from her gut: a crackle, a wail, a soothing breath. The pair presented a lesson in listening, as only music can demand of its makers. It was almost believable that this duet formed on a molecular level..."    -Ann Powers, The New York Times, November 13, 2000:

"...and fantastic percussionist Hearn Gadbois enlivened Een's off-centered rhythms with athletic patterns on dumbek..."     -Kyle Gann, Village Voice

"...Three other compositions employed a deft percussionist, Hearn Gadbois, to define and elaborate on the music's underlying rhythmic cycles..."    -Robert Palmer, The New York Times

"...Hearn Gadbois, on dumbeks and other hand and foot percussion, strings his own boldly beaded patterns of demythified ritual tribal drumming in a recontextualized world mix of Afro-Caribbean, Indian and Middle Eastern meters. Sharing with Bergland and Tartar the same rich complexity, broad tonality, and autonomous voice of subtly modulating instrumentalized chanting, Gadbois' hauntingly self-contained cacaphony joins them in an eerie intonation of rootless harmony. Losing the self in the engulfing waves of meditative repetition, these three musical entities converge within the disorienting, distorting and multifictional filter of their imploding and exploding wall of sound..."    -Carlo McCormick, Reflex Magazine

note: If you can understand the last quote, then you are an intellectual giant!