This is my discography and it's not complete by any means, nor should it be.

Album Artist Label Year
I Like to Riff Rio Nido Shadow Records 1978

Credit in Heaven

The Suburbs Twin Tone 1981

World Crunch

Saqqara Dogs Pathfinder 1986

Tellus #12 Music for the Dance

Various, solo track on cassette compilation. Harvestworks 1986


Annabouboula Virgin 1986
Concrete Island Cargo Cult Public Records 1987


Saqqara Dogs Pathfinder 1987

Dream of Life

Patti Smith Arista 1988

Days of Open Hand

Suzanne Vega A&M 1990


Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors Raven 1991

Until the End of the World

Patti Smith contribution to film soundtrack Warner Bros 1991


Carter Burwell MGM/Polygram 1993

Arrhythmia II

Solo track on compilation Charnel House 1993

O Season O Castles

Katell Keineg Elektra 1994


Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors Raven 1994

The Rook

Robert Een Pathfinder Pictures 1994

Ten Saints of Optimism

Jack McKeever Avon 1995

Gone Again

Patti Smith Arista 1996

Big Joe

Robert Een & Big joe 1996

Mr. Jealousy

Robert Een Joel Castelberg Productions 1997

Kissing Sisters

Gabriel Dorman Palmetto 1997


An Echoed Smile

Jeff Berman and Matt Balitsaris Palmetto Records 1997

Creature of Habit

Brian Ales Intuition 1997

Timing is Everything

Block Capitol Records 1998

Madman of God

Sussan Deihim CramWorld 2000

However Humble

Rob Reddy's Quttah Koch Jazz 2000

Mink Car

They Might Be Giants Restless Records 2001

Scientist at Work

Frank London Tzadik 2002


Hearn Gadbois Snack Fenestra 2002

Mystery Dances

Robert Een Starkland 2003

One Thousand and One Fingers

Hearn Gadbois Snack Fenestra 2006

The Hoax

Carter Burwell Miramax 2006

The Clearing

Hearn Gadbois Outsider Art Music 2014