It is a set of eleven pieces that drive all over the stylistic road, so to speak, A mongrel of percussive and atmospheric textures, very hand-made and sometimes mysterious.

It features guest artists Steve Gorn (Bansuri) and George Sempepos and Hank Tilbury (Guitar), and a fine photograph by Robert Levy (attached).


Please follow the link below and give it a listen, or go ahead and buy it by the immersive album-length or by the track. I would love for anyone to have as much fun listening to it as I had making it, and don't expect that, but hey- we have to try harder in these times and you never know what's possible until you do, or have little other recourse.


In any event, I am pleased, and that is a good thing to share.


Peace & Love, stay safe, warm and productive-


Hearn Gadbois


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